I’m not vegetarian! – You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy Fat Salad….

More and more people are eating more vegetarian, no or low-meat foods- some for the health benefits, some to just explore and enjoy new tastes and new options. A healthy, balanced vegetarian diet is amazing for your body- so whatever the reason behind leaving out the meat; even if its only for a couple of days a week, let Fat Salad feed you properly!

I want to lose weight- how can Fat Salad help?

If you aren’t eating particularly healthily at the moment, or find yourself often buying or reaching for quick fix foods because you are get so hungry in the day you will almost certainly lose weight when you start eating Fat Salad in place of your current meals and snacks. If you are are looking for a structured weight loss programme and your BMI is over 25 (What’s my BMI?) – then see our Fat But Slim Body Plan Systems.

Then we can ensure you are getting portions and foods that will help you reach your target weight efficiently, healthily… and happily.